Thursday, April 29, 2010

Microsoft's Courier Is Officially Dead: The Tech World Mourns!

Many people have been excited and enamored by Microsoft's concept for a dual-screen tablet, the Courier, and they envisioned it as a virtual iPad killer.

Even though I never quite seen it as an iPad killer per say, I certainly thought of it as a very original and exciting concept nonetheless, but alas it doesn't really matter any more since it looks like Microsoft has decided to abort the Courier before it ever had a chance to even be born!

As reported, "Microsoft did not ever publicly announce the device or show it at conferences.", therefore it was more of a dream on the part of many, rather than a real project with a real time table for production. Microsoft, like many huge corporations, is always investigating numerous concepts, some of which may see the light of day, while others don't. Clearly, as cool and innovated as the Courier seemed, it was never more then that of a concept on Microsoft's part. Unfortunately, too many people wanted to believe that it was more than that.

Even though I can understand why people would love the idea of the Courier, clearly they jumped the gun on this one. Even though I thought that the Courier was indeed a very cool concept, on the other hand, I saw some potentially really big downsides to it as well.

One of my big concerns was the Courier's dual screen connecting joint that attached the two screens together. It seemed to me to be a potentially very weak point, and one that made the tablet susceptible to a lot of potential hardware failure. I could see or imagine such a system cracking and breaking easily. Not only that, but having a folding dual screen would tend to make it somewhat difficult to hold. Lying flat on a table, yes, but in your hands I could see it bending and folding when you least wanted it to.

Microsoft, like all big companies, of course, has many such Courier concept projects on the go at any one time, and even though the Courier could always be revived, for the time being anyway it looks like this baby is completely dead in the water.

In conclusion, for me, what is really interesting isn't that the Courier was cancelled, but the possibility that Microsoft cancelled it because they have something far more interesting to take its place, and maybe something that utterly puts the Courier to shame? Again, maybe they don't, but the mere possibility that they might intrigues me much more than the Courier ever did.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, April 30, 2010

Courier RIP graphic via: Gizmodo

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