Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Latest iPhone 4G Prototype Leaked! This Time A With A Screw-less And Seamless Design!

Well, well.... what do we have here? Yuppers, it seems to be a brand new leak of the next iPhone 4G! Not only that, but at least for the time being there is even a YouTube video of it in action that you can view here, but be forewarned it's all in Vietnamese!

The photo above and elsewhere, via AppleInsider, shows the same basic design as those revealed in Gizmodo's hotly controversial pics, but alas..... without them screwy screws that tend to mar the overall design!

These particular prototype pics come from a Vietnamese site called, which offers additional pics here, but please note that the site may be down due to high traffic. The site seems to be, since I can't speak, read, or understand the language of this interesting land, an Apple fan site of some kind, and one of the most interesting facts that they bring out, in their own tear down, is that the next iPhone will indeed be sporting the same speedy Apple A4 chip that we find in Apple's latest blockbuster, the iPad! This should give the next iPhone some very real bragging rights, as well as a very real performance boost!

In conclusion, I really don't know how on earth these guys, all the way in Vietnam, got their hands on one of these babies, but maybe some guy acidentally left it in a Saigon bar, or should I say in a Ho-chi-Minh City bar? I also must say, that I really like the new squared-off design as first revealed in Gizmodo's hotly contested photos, but the seamless, screw-less version me likes all the more. These pics, no doubt, will help slow down demand for the current G3S model, but boy, oh boy, on the other hand, they should also help stoke sales for the next 4G model once it becomes available some time likely next month.

I can't wait.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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