Monday, May 3, 2010

Crazy About The iPad, Or Just Plain Crazy?

A lot of people are crazy about their iPads, and why not, they are cool and nifty little devices. In fact, they are so cool and nifty that in its first measly 28 days of its existence, the little suckers have already sold an impressive and amazing 1,000,000 units! Not only that, but the iPad has been selling out faster than even Apple's original iPhone ever did when it was first introduced.

However, as you can see from these video clips, above and below, some might be more tempted to ask the question: are some people crazy about their iPads, or are they really just a little crazy in the head?

As you can see in the first video above, some one had the crazy idea to take their brand new 64GB iPad and, get this..... microwave the damn thing! I ask: is that totally crazy or what?

If micro-waving an innocent newborn iPad wasn't bad or crazy enough, just take a look at what some crazy-in-the-head people decided to do with their freshly minted iPad - they blended the little angel it in their damn blender! Aahhh.... it's maddening I tell you, completely maddening!

Sadly, that's not the only abuse that some poor, unfortunate and completely innocent little iPads have to go through in life, because as you can see above, the world is just full of crazies like this one who decided to take a baseball bat and smash his brand new iPad to smithereens and fresh out-of-the-box! What in hell is the world coming to people, when innocent and helpless little iPad babies are physically abused and murdered in broad daylight and filmed for the whole crazy world to see?

So, are these people really crazy about their iPads, or are they just completely and utterly crazy in the old bonkers?

Well, in conclusion, as far as I'm concerned, anyone who would do such savage, cruel and vicious acts are definitely in the category of CRAZY! Yes, you would think and only hope at least that one, just one of these crazy people out there would maybe come up with the crazy idea of doing something to protect these innocents by starting something like the - Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To iPads! Yes, all I can say is that being crazy about the iPad is one thing, but doing crazy things like smashing, bashing and killing innocent little iPads is another!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Tuesday, May 04, 2010

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