Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sony's Incredible Roll-Up OLED Screen!

Sony has recently announced a new "Rollable" OLED Display that is so thin, so flexible that it can easily be wrapped around a pencil!

Wow, now that's what I call impressive, as you can easily see in this video. Sony hasn't announced if or when they will actually produced such a display, but you can bet your last pair of pink and purple color knickerbockers that they are working hard to deliver a commercialized version, since the possibilities are virtually endless.

For one thing, such a rollable screen would mean that you could, for example, make a mobile phone that could easily fit into a small side pocket when not in use, but the instant that you needed, you could simply unroll it, much like a scroll, into a much larger device! Scrollable devices would mean that you could take a device, like an iPad, and simply roll it up and tuck it away in your back pocket! In other words: you could literally make a smaller device that was literally bigger! Smaller when not in use, but larger when in use.

Of course, current OLED devices are unfortunately very expensive to manufacture, which could be a real sticking point. In the future, however, as these things become so much more popular and easier to produce, they could also likewise become far cheaper to produce and employ. After all, it doesn't matter how good a product is if no one can actually bloody afford to buy one.

Sony's roll-able screen, if it can be made cheaply enough, would suddenly make resizable devices possible, thus making iPhones, iPads , e-book readers and what not so much more adaptable to different conditions and needs. As thin and as cool as a rollable screen is, people really love touch devices these days, so my question for Sony is can they also make them with multi-touch input? That I'm not sure of, but if someone can figure out a way to do so, plus cheap enough, then it could very well help turn the present world into a type of futuristic Buck Rogers or Harry Potter type of world.

At one time, I can remember when pocket calculators were extremely expensive, and yet they have now become so cheap and common place that you can buy them for practically for next to nothing, and so too, hopefully, this will also become the case eventually with roll-up-screens.

Imagine, if you will, if you could produce them cheaply enough, they could be used on bottles, cans and boxes as video labels! Imagine, again, the possibilities. For example, such a video label could not only show the the contents of the package, but it could also show you how to use the contents. A video label on a can of tomatoes, could not only show you the contents, but by simply pressing a point on the label it could list tomatoes recipes or nutritional information! If something needed to be assembled, no problem, because rather then reading some long, boring and hard to understand instruction book, all you would have to do is simply press the video label on the box and presto - a video demonstration of the product being assembled and how to properly use the thing!

Wow, in conclusion, this to me sounds just so futuristic. I can easily see the day when video labeling becomes as common placed as cheap calculators. At this point its all just research, but on going research is proceeding rapidly. Presently the rollable screen is only capable of displaying a resolution of 432x240 (121ppi), a brightness of 100nits, with a 1,000 to:1 contrast, but it can already display up to astounding 16M colors!

In the end, Sony's new roll-able screen technology could result in turning the world into a type of Buck Rogers, or Harry Potter futuristic type of place much sooner than we might care, or dare to even dream of.

I say bring it on baby!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photos via: Sony

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