Friday, August 13, 2010

Android and the Freedom to Hate

Android fans love to claim and boast, and to no end, that their beloved platform of choice is superior to that of the iPhone because of its freedom of openness... the total freedom for anyone, to include anything type of application in the Android market place, any good old time that anyone pleases or choices.

Excuse me, but such so-called freedom means that anyone can also easily include spyware, trojans, porn and now, apparently, hate themes, such as the Nazi one pictured above from Engadget.

Of course, history records that the Nazi's have been one of the most evil organizations to have ever scourged the face of the earth, but hey...... apparently their also Android approved!

The fact that the Nazi's blinded one of the most civilized, most cultural, friendliest and most intelligent nations that the world has also ever known, while at the same time also appropriating its greatness to kill millions of innocent people from other nationalities, (also, including the death of its own citizens) and plunging the world into world war, well hell, that's perfectly acceptable for inclusion in the Android platform, because, after all, hey ..... its a totally free platform where the basic rules are that there are no rules! Otherwise, it really wouldn't be a totally open and free platform, now would it?

Android might be free, I guess, but don't be too surprised by the fact that it really isn't all that free as some might want you to think it is! Yes, just like Apple (which everyone howled about), Google also has an Android kill switch whereby they also can kill and remove, or install for that matter, anything old thing that happens to be on your personal Android device and all without your expressed permission or knowledge, any old time they please! Of course, the big difference here is that no one howled over Google's kill switch like they did with Apple! Yes, I also guess that the Android platform also includes the freedom from being criticized like Apple or its iPhone.

In other words, when you add it all up: the Android platform isn't anywhere near as free as they want you to believe..... it's all pretty much just a damn marketing ploy!

Yes, Android's so-call app freedom also means that its also easy and free to include spyware , as well as malware that can literally withdraw every penny from your bank account, but hey, I guess that's just the price of freedom these days!

Not only is Apple implementing a proxy war against Google, via HTC, but now Oracle has just thrown down the gauntlet by issuing its own little patent war against Android, so I guess Android is a platform that feels it is also free to use, or miss use, other companies intellectual property in any old way or any old time they want!

The idea that Android is a superior platform simply based on its so-called openness and freedom is nothing more than an illusion. There is no such thing as total freedom, it's an utter impossibility, and as far as I'm concerned its just a sham on Android's part, a mere marketing ploy to fool people in to believing that Android equals true freedom of choice and is all that is good in the world! It is, in fact, nothing more than total hypocrisy! Or in other words, the plain, unadulterated truth is ....... it's all nothing but a big fat lie!

Apparently, in conclusion, all I will say that in addition to the freedom to be able to include porn, malware and spyware, etc., Android also includes the freedom to hate and for people to express it regardless of how tasteless or offensive it might be to the majority of the rest of the civilized world!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, August 13, 2010


The Vital Muse said...

The freedom of thought and expression issue is a tough one to navigate -- particularly when it comes to ideas that are offensive to so many of us. Constraining content can also be a slippery slope to censorship, though. My bottom-line philosophy on the issue is that the freedom to choose is the most critical point. The more options we have, the greater freedom we have to behave and believe as our personal tastes dictate. The irrevocable constraint on our freedom to choose is the point at which our choices harm others (as when hate speech turns into immoral action). I don't like it, but until it causes injury or intrusion on someone's rights, I think I have to "tolerate" it.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Paul for your comment. It's true, this is a slippery slope, but there comes a point where you have to draw the line somewhere.

It's one thing to hate a person, or group, but it's another thing all together to take action against that person or group by attacking them verbally or even physically.

For example: Kiddie porn! Yes, most people will agree that this is one thing that can't be tolerated, and rightfully so, but there are people who will say that it's also censorship censor it as well. You have to draw the line somewhere and the idea that being open, allowing anyone to have a 'any-thing-goe's' attitude is just as wrong. Hence, in my opinion, the problem with Android's so-called, totally free and so-called open platform.

ObamaPacman said...

Fandroid busted. Must be why the freedom platform Linux is so successful.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Obama, the amazing thing about Fandroid's how they seem bashed everything about the iPhone while praising everything that Android copies (some of which is downright illegal!) from the iPhone to begin with!