Monday, February 28, 2011

How Apple Could Screw Android By By Using Its Own Open Based Development Tools

Engadget recently did a post that raised a rather interesting and far-fetched idea. Namely that RIM was considering giving, to its PlayBook Tablet, the ability of also being able of running Android apps in addition to its own!

The one thing that both Android and that iOS have, of course, over that of the PlayBook, is their huge library of apps, now measuring in the hundreds of thousands. However, by incorporating Google's own Dalvik Virtual Engine, or something similar, this could, as Engadget points out, suddenly make RIM's app-starved PlayBook all-the-more compelling over that of any Android tablet out there, or maybe, who knows, even the iPad itself.

Even though Android lacks as many, and, for that matter, the high quality of apps that iOS offers, I have to agree that havng the ability to run Android apps would be a very big plus for the PlayBook. Not only that, but, at the same time, they would be able to screw the hell out of Google's Android platform in the process, and to a lesser degree even iOS, as well!

As far-fetched as the idea of RIM being able to run Android apps goes, I think I know of an even more far-fetched idea whereby iOS could do the same......... screw the hell out of both RIM and Android by adopting a similar strategy.

Despite the fact that Android only has few quality apps that would probably benefit iOS, there are still nonetheless a few and therefore, my dear two or three readers, you've read my mind....... yes, if RIM can use Google's own Dalvik engine to its own advantage, then so too could Apple!

Some, of course, would ask: BUT WHY? Well, I say .... WHY THE HELL NOT?

Yes, even though Android is nowhere as FREE or as OPEN as Google falsely claims that it is, it's still probably open enough to allow Apple, or another party, to easily use Dalvik, or a similar engine, to give iOS the ability to not only run Anroid's large library of apps, but, in addition, give Apple the opportunity to dish out some serious payback to Google for ripping off its own iOS platform in the first place!

Yes, iOS can always brag that it currently now has the largest quality and number of apps of them all, but just think: if iOS could also run every other stinking Android app inaddition to its own, then what advangtage would Android have over iOS other than the myth that it was open and free, while iOS wasn't? In other words: WHY EVEN BOTHER TO THINK OF BUYING AN ANY ANDROID DEVICE IF AN iOS DEVICE COULD NOT ALSO ONLY RUN ALL OF ANDROID'S INFERIOR APPS, BUT, AS WELL, ALL OF iOS'S OWN SUPERIOR APPS TO BOOT?

In conclusion, even though Apple has every reason to detest Android for ripping off everything from its own ground-breaking iOS platform, by using Dalviik, or a similar engine, Apple could easily have some real fun getting back at Android while using its own so-called free and open platform development tools in the process!

Ah, revenge, how sweet it is, how sweet it is, indeed!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, February 28, 2011

Flurry chart via: Engadget


ObamaPacman said...

Even Android cannot run Android apps, due to fragmentation. Nevermind another platform.

There are no compelling apps for Android either. It is compelling for RIM, because Android has more software over non-existant RIM mobile software, but iOS leads Android by a long shot.

There is also the Android IP theft issue. Android stole Java code, so it's likely that something that run Android code would have the stolen code as well.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks for the comment Obama. As far as Android's IP theft goes, remember that Android didn't take off until it went full-bore to include multi-touch, even though Google knew it violated many of Apple's multi-touch patents including 'zoom-to-pinch'!

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