Thursday, February 10, 2011

HP TouchPad Keyboard Copies The iMac Keyboard

Some people are already thinking that HP's new iPad clone may be a little too late to take on the iPad. However, whether it is, or is not, and I personally don't know, but the one thing that I do know is that if you look closely at the new TouchPad's keyboard, as seen above, then you can't help but notice just how strikingly similar its design is to that of Apple's iMac keyboard, as seen below.

The similarities between the TouchPad and that of the iPad doesn't stop with their keyboards either. No, if you look even closer at the TouchPad's new email app and that of its browser, than you also can't help but notice how the TouchPad also mimics the iPad's own email app and browser. I noticed the similarity the second that I first laid my eyes on them, and no doubt many others have as well. The TouchPad's keyboard looks just like someone simply spray painted the iMac's black and then slightly altered a few keys here and there, and, as well, slightly modified its stand!

Yes, of course, there are other differences between the two tablets, but it's quite obvious where not only the TouchPad, but for that matter, all of the other upcoming tablets have gotten their design inspiration from. Personally, I actually prefer the WebOS home screen to that of the icon infested iPad's, but that should be a very easy UI element for Apple to rectify in the near future and, hopefully, it could even be one of those UI enhancements coming with the iPad 2 which is expected almost anyday now.

In conclusion, as far as I'm concerned, just as HP copied the look of the MacBook Pro design for their Envy laptops, so too are they doing exactly the same with the TouchPad. Yes, their new tablet might look very nice and all, but its still only a nice looking iPad clone, and as far as most clones go, well, they are rarely, if ever, a better deal than the originals and I expect that this will be the case with the TouchPad as well.

And, while dreaming of being back in Germany, that's my 2 cents 4 this sunny, but cold as hell Thursday, February 10, 2011


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