Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google Clamps Down On Android's So-Called 'Openness'

The real truth about Android is now beginning to come out: it's apparently NOT really so open after all!

In fact, not only has Google officially decided against releasing HoneyComb, but now, in an excuse to limit Android's huge fragmentation issues, the Mountain View search giant has caused a storm of protest because it is now tighting control over its patent plagued platform, by insisting that licensees abide by Google's strict 'non-fragmentation' rules.

Well, I was always told that open systems, ones particularly based on Linux, including Android, were completely free for anyone to do what ever that they wanted to do with it, and any good, old time that they wanted. Apparently not so, unless, of course, Google itself is not abiding by the rules of the open community.

In fact, Engadget reports that things have been getting so heated, "that complaints have apparently now been made to the US Department of Justice." Already there are members in the U.S. government calling for 'anti-trust' charges against Google and, oh, baby, now this has got to add a lot of fuel to that fire!

Engadget spectulated that this, "....... may have something to do with allegations of Google holding back Verizon handsets with Microsoft's Bing on board, ostensibly in an effort to trip up its biggest search competitor. Another major dissatisfaction expressed by those working with Android code is that Google needs an advance preview of what is being done in order to give it the green light -- which, as noted by a pair of sources familiar with Facebook's Android customization efforts, isn't sitting well with people at all."

No wonder it isn't sitting well with OEM's and developers, among others, and who can blame them. As quoted by Engadget, and as Nokia's Stephen Elop puts it:

"The premise of a true open software platform may be where Android started, but it's not where Android is going."

As far as possible anti-trust charges against Google goes, Microsoft recently gave some additional anti-trust complaints to the European Union, which is already looking into anti-trust charges against the search giant. Ironically, if anyone should know anything about anti-trust practices, well it should be none other than Microsoft, a company that has traditionally acted in a mannor very similar to Google's own recent moves.

In conclusion, since I'm not privy to the inner workings of Google, I can't honestly say whether they are guilty or not of anything, but from the increasing number of reports that I'm hearing on how just 'un-open' Android seems to becoming , as well as the other various complaints, it's becoming increasingly clear that when Steve Jobs said that Google's motto of, "Don't be Evil", may be nothing more than "a load of crap" after all.

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ObamaPacman said...

Google bait and switch.

Confused Fandroids are confused. ;)

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Obama, not only are they confused, but they are delusional as well! :O)