Monday, March 14, 2011

The iPad 2's Highly Successful Opening Weekend

By viewing the video above, it's easy to believe Scott Sutherland, from WebBush Securities, when he says that Apple may have already sold up to one million iPads 2 during its opening weekend! With such long line-ups, it's no wonder that some now believe that the iPad still has no real competition!

Some believe that the iPad 2 will easily help to extend Apple's already commanding lead, and thus allowing it to dominate the tablet space for many years to come, with MoneyMorning even going so far to list seven reasons on why they believe it will remain the 'king of tablets'. Yes, even though the iPad 2 may be somewhat incremental, it's still believe to be more than enough to kill off its ever growing competition.

When it comes to the competition, PCMag recently did a comparison between the iPad and one of its perceived biggest competitors, the highly praised Motorola Xoom. As nice as the Xoom is, PCMag concluded that the iPad was still, by far, the best tablet of the two, or any tablet period, and they concluded:

"Apps are one of the biggest reasons to buy a tablet, and right now, this one isn't even close. It's part of the reason that, despite winning smaller victories like better multitasking views and e-mail notifications, the Xoom is just not on the same level as the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 received a higher rating than the Xoom because we think that it's a better device overall. But again, the Xoom is no slouch. If you aren't tethered to iTunes, the Xoom is the best non-Apple tablet you can buy. Will the BlackBerry PlayBook or other Android tablets change that? Stay tuned."

Sorry Xoom, nice try, but, as they say, "better luck next time!"

One of the reasons developers, like Mark Rein are so excited about the iPad 2 is because of the raw power that its new dual-core A5 chip, and, as well as its graphic GPU brings to the table. As one of the co-founders of Epic Games, Mark knows a thing or two about gaming, so it's amazing to hear him state that the iPad is as powerful, if not more so, then some dedicated gaming consoles such as the XBox 360 or the PlayStation! In fact, when it comes gaming consoles he states:

".... This is now more powerful than the first-generation Xbox. This is probably more powerful than a PlayStation 2 or a PlayStation 1 for sure. This is on the road to that, if it's not already."

Wow, now that's pretty powerful stuff to say about what is, undoubtedly, a much more powerful device than I even personally realized that the iPad was!

When it comes to the iPad 2's graphic abilities, well apparently - "... it blows away" its competitors such as the Xoom, and it is no doubt one of the reasons that even Linux purists 'can't wait to get an iPad 2".

In conclusion, as great as the iPad 2's opening weekend was, its distracters, of course, will continue to mock it, downplaying everything about it, while, at the same time, copying everything from it, and all the while still claiming that their iPad wannabe is better and more original. Too bad they just couldn't be more honest and just admit how great it is!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, March 14,


daniel said...

I watched that vid and it must be said that although i like the ipad (im planning on buying one!) if saw a queue like that i would have just gone home! i mean really would it kill anybody to just wait one more day?

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks for your comment Dan, and I must agree, I rather wait a day or two, even a bloody week, rather than stand, sit or whatever, in a line. Of course, it might be kind of fun chatting with everyone, still, I'll just order mine online later this month.

ObamaPacman said...

I would wait in the queue but they ran out of iPads!

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Obama, but when it comes to waiting in line, well, I'm afraid I'm too inpatient for that! 15 minutes, maybe, but other than that, no thanks.