Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apple Tracking iOS Devices: Is It Really A Case Of 'iSpy Gate', Or A Case Of 'iHypocrites'?

Apple has finally spoken about the recent so-called 'iSpy' fiasco, saying basically that it is due to a misunderstanding and several software bugs, bugs that it should readily fix in the next few weeks in an iOS update. As the Washington Post point out, the three areas that Apple intends to fix are as follows:

- a bug that allows storing of WiFi information for a period of up to a year. Apple says that this information, which helps iOS devices more precisely calculate its location via cell towers, should be for a period no longer than seven days.

- the second bug is one that backs up that information on a persons computer, which is more highly vulnerable to being hacked than a mobile device.

- finally, Apple plans to fix a bug that downloads a file to phones which have all “Location Services” turned off, and to encrypt that file specifically to those devices it’s running on.

You can read Apple's press release here, but in conclusion, you can bet that no matter what Apple says, or does, people are going to protest that it's not enough. The funny thing is that people, and especially the government, who are bitching about this so-called 'iSpy Gate' are nothing but 'iHypocrites', since it has been put into law, for the past ten years, that all cell phones must be able to track their users!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this dreary Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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