Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Claim That Android Is A Mess, But Is It Really?

Fortune recently did a post, on a survey, which indicated that Android developers now consider it to be a total mess. The survey was conducted by Baird's William Powers, and involved some 250 developers who highlighted the following problems:

Device fragmentation. 56% of Android developers said that operating system fragmentation among the various Android devices was a meaningful or "huge" problem, a percentage that actually increased over the past three months.

Store fragmentation. Several developers expressed concern over Android app store fragmentation. "Generally," Baird reports, "developers seem to prefer a unified, single store experience like Apple's App Store."

Ease of development. iOS outscored Android, but both were considered far easier to develop for than, say, Research in Motion's (RIMM) BlackBerry OS or Nokia (NOK) Symbian.

App visibility. "iOS continues to lead," Baird reports, "followed by Blackberry, with Android still receiving poor marks in this category." Developers are particularly concerned about the level of "junk" apps in the Android ecosystem.

Ability to get paid. iOS leads here too, followed by BlackBerry.

Fragmentation is something that many Android fans have simply refuse to acknowledge and I've heard them repeat, time and time again: "what fragmentation?" Well, fragmentation is a very real concern and so much so, that it's now the main excuse that Google is now using to lock down Android, making it anything but 'open' as they love to boast so frequently.

Google always claimed that Android's biggest advantage was that it was free and open, allowing anyone to add or change anything they wanted, and thus, in the process, giving its users more freedom and better choice. What it has done, in truth, was to provide them with a wild-west scenario, and one which gave rise to a host of lousy and crappy apps, and devices that were rarely, if ever, updated!

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak, Google is now apparently replacing their wild-west, free and 'open' approach, to one much more in line with Apple's so-called 'closed' system, a system that helps protect it from all of the malware, lousy apps, confusing updates and all of the other nasty Android inconveniences. Even though Google is now hypocritically going for a model closer to Apple, some believe that it will only back fire for Android and actually go on to strengthen both its iOS and Windows alternatives, at least according to a recent post by eWeek.com, who states the following:

“Google’s value proposition was that they would be vastly easier to deal with than Microsoft and let the vendors better differentiate,” Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group, wrote in an April 1 e-mail to eWEEK. “They found that this led to a lot of crap being released on the market and they sucked at vendor collaboration. They are now rethinking that approach by being even more controlling.”

However, he believes Google’s attempts will ultimately backfire. “In effect Google, after failing at being different from Microsoft, is going to try and beat Microsoft at Microsoft’s own game. That virtually never works, which will likely force them to get closer and closer to Apple’s model.”

The end result, he added, is a failure in the making: “Rather than figuring out how to make their idea work they are killing it by being too unwilling to form more cooperative relationships with their OEM partners.”

Well, I must say that if Google's hypocritical 'lock down' to obtain greater control of their patent plagued platform continues, then it definitely will back fire on them and big time! If this is indeed the case, and it certainly looks that way to me, then they'll have only themselves to blame.

There seems to be a lot of people out there who actually believe that Android is unstoppable, that it is far bigger than iOS, but when you actually compare iOS's web usage to that of Android, then, as you can see here, Android isn't as big or as cool as its fans make it out to be.

So, is Android really a mess as some claim?

Well, in conclusion, and as far as what I can see... absolutely! And not only that, but it's a very, very big mess at that!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this wet and dreary Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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