Sunday, May 1, 2011

iOS vs Android: Is Android Unbeatable?

When it comes to Google's Android vs Apple's iOS goes, many would have you believe that Android has already won the battle and that from now on, the iPhone and iOS are doomed, but is that really the case?

The truth is that Android's seemingly non-stoppable ascendancy has already hit a big-fat road block, and it's called the iPhone! Yes, after first hitting the big-time by first blatantly copying everything it could from the iPhone, the iPhone has turned right around to bite Android in the big old you-no-what?

According to a post by ComputerWorld, the Verizon iPhone, for one, is already beginning to hurt Android, and ComputerWorld goes on to interestingly state:

"Take a look at the latest data from Strategy Analytics. Released overnight, it reveals that Apple overtook ZTE in Q1 2011 to become the world's fourth-largest handset maker, up from sixth position one year ago.

Strategy Analytics tells us: "Apple shipped a record 18.6 million handsets worldwide in Q1 2011, more than doubling from 8.8 million units in Q1 2010. Apple captured fourth place in global handset shipments, rising from sixth position a year earlier and leapfrogging rival ZTE. Apple continues to benefit from strong operator subsidies and co-marketing, enabling its global handset share to reach a healthy 5 percent during the quarter."

That's 5 percent of the market on the basis of what is now four types of phone: the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4 for Verizon, the white iPhone 4 (unavailable in the period) and the iPhone 3GS. But all four of these devices deliver a consistent user experience, which Android devices inherently cannot promise

Despite what Android fans might think, it is the iPhone that is the number one selling smartphone in the U.S., and it's no wonder why that, according to revenues, Apple is now the number one mobile phone company in the world, replacing Nokia, the world's long-running champ. In fact, it's also interesting to consider that when you throw in the iPad, then Apple is also the world's number one PC manufacturer too!"

So, in the end, is iOS doomed by an unstoppable Android?

The answer is a big fat no!

That's because it's increasingly becoming quite apparent, that when it comes to the iOS vs Android battle goes, the truth is anything but what Android fans would have us believe. The truth is, that with Android's growth already now stalling, and its market share finally pulling back after two straight years of non-stop growth, and with developers now preferring iOS because they consider Android is much too risky, and with pending legal action on the part of Oracle, Microsoft and Apple itself, the world of Android is anything but the paradise that Google and its fans make it out to be, and that iOS is anything but doomed, and there is no guarantee that Android will even be around in a few years time, let alone guaranteeing that it will be forever unbeatable.

In conclusion, when it comes to the race for world smartphone domination, the race is still far from over, but at least the long held notion that Android is unstoppable is also over, because, in the end, it's nothing more than pure fiction, plain and simple.

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