Monday, May 9, 2011

The World's Most Valuable Brand: Apple

In a new report issued today by BrandZ, Apple has now just dethroned Google for the position of being the world's most valuable brand, and, according to the report, Apple is now worth an a mind-blowing $153 billion vs Google's $111 billion, give or take a nickel.

Of course, Apple's market capitalization is more than double that, or some $320 plus billion plus, but at least according to Millward Brown, the company behind BrandZ, Apple brand value is now not only the most valuable of all of the world's companies, but it was also one of the fastest rising of the companies on the list. Facebook, by the way, was the fastest, growing its brand value by over some 264%, giving it a value of $19 billion plus.

The world's ten most valuable companies in the top 100, according to BrandZ, are as follows:

As you can see, Apple is in pretty good company. With the battle between Google and Apple now raging on, it's nice to see Apple finally topple Google from the top perch, and especially since Google has repeatedly dominated the top spot for the past four of the six years since the list was created. Good show Apple!

In conclusion, I'm not too sure what value there is in BrandZ's valuation, but having Apple top of all comers on BrandZ's prestigious list of world companies certainly is another notch in Apple's belt, and again, as above, all I will say is "Good Show" Apple.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this windy and very rainy Monday, (I can't believe it's) May 09, 2011.

Via: Bloomberg's via Engadget

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