Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Android vs iOS: Good News, Bad News

As Google flaunts its recent daily activation milestone of some 500,000 Android devices per day, it might appear to be all good news for the platform. However, it's not all good news as PCWorld is now reporting that there appears to be some serious trouble brewing ahead for Google's copycat platform. Already, and according to some, Android has already hit its peak this past March and ever since then it has been slowly losing ground to iOS which is expected to pick up growth exponentially once the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 are released come this September.

Well, if that isn't bad news enough for Android, there is now another report that shows that iOS is overall a much better and more secure platform than that of Android. According to security experts Symantec, which did a side-by-side study into the two top-selling mobile platforms, iOS came out ahead in three of five security categories, with both Android and iOS coming out a tie in the last two categories.

Symantec found that iOS 'ssecurity was overall better implemented than that of Android, and they found that measures which included access control and encryption and that the provenance for applications were all stronger in iOS , while on-the-other-hand their research also indicated that Android was better overall at isolating security problems once they did emerge.

One of the biggest reasons which made Android less secure than that of iOS that Symantec found was Android's so-called 'open' platform, which Google doesn't inspect or even try to control what goes into the Android market. Google basically responds only after a threat gets into its platform and is made known. At the same time, Symantec noted that in the case of iOS most security threats arise mostly only after people jail-break their devices.

Over all, both mobile platforms were considered to be more secure than their PC equivalents, but Symantec also noted that as secure as iOS and Android were, RIMS BlackBerry was still the most secure because it could be tightly controlled by corporate IT departments, as well as being government accredited.

All of this bad news for Android comes after a major survey showed, when it came to their next phone, a whopping 40% of Europeans say that they will be buying the iPhone, more than double those, some 19%, who say they will be buying an Android device, which is a trend that clearly has to spell bad news indeed for the Android platform.

In conclusion, even though Android may temporally beat the iPhone in daily activations, or the number of carriers and models to choice from, the iPhone still handily beats it when it comes to security, quality, originality and the sheer number of better apps and accessories. Also, when it comes to security and jail-breaking, well apparently the moral of the story is that they just don't mix.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this "I hope I win the lottery tonight" Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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