Monday, June 13, 2011

The HP TouchPad: The Coolest Tablet This Side Of The iPad (Video)

Above you can see a video demonstration of HP's ass-kicking TouchPad, the most exciting tablet besides the iPad ever! I don't think the TouchPad, which is based on WebOS, will dethrone the iPad anytime soon, especially now that iOS 5 is just around the corner, but it sure-in-hell should kick the living daylights out of all other tablets, including all of the Android tablets out there and RIM's PlayBook, which sort has a similar U.I. The TouchPad is expected to go on sale on July 1.

Other than the iPad, virtually all of the other tablets that I've played with more-or-less suck, and that goes especially for the Winodow 7 tablets that, to me at anyway, were virtually unusable! The only other tablet with a usable U.I. that I liked was RIMS PLayBook, but it too wasn't exactly anything that I would crow about.

However, the HP TouchPad, even though I've have yet to play with one, looks like it might just become the closest to the iPad yet. Whether or not it could ever beat it, well that's another matter, because as I've already stated, iOS 5 is just around the corner and coupled with Apple's new iCloud service, well it's going to be pretty dang next to impossible to beat anytime soon, if ever.

In conclusion, the PlayBook's WebOS, which was mostly developed by approximately 250 former Apple engineers, certainly looks like its at least a hundred miles ahead of the Android's HoneyComb tablets or even the PlayBook's, and it is most definitely a thousand miles ahead of any of the current Windows 7 tablets that I've used. Clearly, Microsoft needs to do good, damn good with its next implementation of Windrows 8 or its not going to even get out of the gate. However, as good as the HP TouchPad is, and as far ahead it is compared to Android and the Playbook, it appears to be a few miles behind the iPad, but that could all change, you never know?

And that's my 2 cents 4 this gloomy, rainy Monday, June 13, 2011

Via: Gizmodo


ObamaPacman said...

Almost everything is just a crappy copy of the iPad.

Touch to share is interesting, but considering almost no one owns a palm phone it's as useful as the zune squirt.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Obama, and yes, almost everything is a crappy copy of the iPad, but the TouchPad is the least crappiest of the lot! The get worse from here on.