Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News No Android FanBoy Wants To Hear About!

Even though Android fan boys love to constantly brag-and-boast none-stop about their daily high activation numbers, maybe they should get ready to show a little more humility.

This is because of a recent survey that showed that a whopping One-Third Of Consumers Can't Wait to get their hands on the much hyped, and highly anticipated iPhone 5 ... and long before we even really know anything for sure about the bloody-dang thing!

Another thing, that rabid iOS bashing Android fan boys should take some humility in is the fact that not only is the iPhone now outselling Nokia, but according to Good: IOS Is Significantly Beating Android in The Enterprise.

Accordingly, IDG News, Nancy Gohring, writing above, notes:

"Despite Android's strong overall growth, enterprises appear to continue to be wary of the mobile operating system, according to data released by Good Technology.

Apple's iOS operating system is so much more popular than Android among Good's enterprise customers, that in the second quarter there were more activations among Good customers of just the iPad than all Android smartphones and tablets combined."

Of course, considering that the Android's App Market is also more of a type-of-wild-west experience, that also just happens to offer a lot of security concerns on top of its very well known fragmentation issues, is it any wonder that enterprises would want a much more mature, stable and secure platform, and one that iOS offers in spades. Besides, having the richest and biggest tech company in the world, namely Apple, behind you must also be very reassuring to big and small business's everywhere.

The fact that the"iPad Trumps Android Smartphone Activations in the Enterprise." is really quite amazing indeed, and especially considering just how high Android's activations have been on the consumer side, as eWeek reported:

" the iPad isn't just the hottest consumer tablet in the market; it's also beating all Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android-based "Honeycomb" tablets and smartphones combined in the nascent enterprise market for mobile devices.

The iPad, which sold more than 28 million units worldwide, accounted for 95 percent of business tablet activations, according to Good Technology's latest data report on mobile devices in the workplace."

What I hate the most about Android, besides its wholesale ripping off of iOS, is the unadulterated bragging and smugness of its fan boys who constantly boast how their platform is so much better, so much more innovative than iOS, and how it will eventually kill off iOS and its many users, who they see as being nothing more than dumb and blind followers of the cult of Apple.

In conclusion, maybe, just maybe some of them will now begin to look objectively at the reports above and will humbly begin to wipe some of the stupid grins from off their smug little faces and get real for a change, but I somehow doubt it. Android fan boys have been drunk on the Google kool-aid for so long now that they only see what they want to see.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this cold, wet and cloudy Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Transparent iPhone 5 mock-up via: PhoneReview

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