Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iOS Apps Sales And Revenue Totally Dwarfs Android By A Factor Of Six!

For all the hoop-la that Frandroids put out, they might just be a little put out over Distimo's January to November report on app sales, which clearly shows that Apple generates over an astounding six times the revenue than that for all Android apps combined.

In fact, Distimo looks at iPhone and iPad generated sales separately, rather than a whole, and that for the iPad, all and by its lonesome little self, now generates more than twice the sales for all Android phones and tablets combined!

Now that's what I think, shall we say, is shockingly.... shocking!

As you can plainly seen in the opening graph, via SlashGear, that when it comes to the big three app stores, the iPhone, the iPad and Android, the later doesn't look all that impressive in comparison, which is especially curious considering that Android now outsells iOS devices by a pretty significant margin.

Of particular interest, however, is the explosive growth for Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 platform which Distimo says has now grown by over some 400%. That growth has seen Microsoft's app sales over take those of Nokia's Ovi store and BlackBerry's App World, for games at least, and now makes it the fourth largest source of app sales and revenue.

You can read Distimo's report here, after first completing a free registration requirement.

In conclusion, as stated above, it's curious that in spite of Android's activations leveling off at the 550,000 per day point, Apple's iOS still nonetheless totally dwarfs both the sales and revenue for all Android devices combined. Android, for some, is nothing more than a cheap rip-off of iOS, and as such, apparently owners of those cheap phones are just too dang cheap to spend money on good quality apps, which is what Distimo's report seems to back up.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this cold and cloudy Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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