Thursday, December 8, 2011

Patents: Future Mac's To Include Kinect Like Motion Input?

Microsoft's Kinect has been a huge success, something that the Redmond giant has seen precious little of lately. Well, now according to a report that I just read on AppleInsider, Apple itself is believed to be looking into adding its own type of Kinect like support for its future range of Mac computers.

Apple's concept, entitled, "Three-Dimensional Imaging and Display System.", describes an entirely new way for users to interact and control their Macs, by allowing users, with their hands, to perform gestures in a three-dimensional space.

As you can see in AppleInsider's opening drawing, the new system, can allow for the creation of virtual keyboards, knobs and dials, or as AppleInsider put it:

"Apple envisions a user interface that would allow a person to more naturally use their hands and fingertips to control a device. An accompanying display could show knobs, sliders and buttons that a user could virtually manipulate in a three-dimensional space.

In one image accompanying the application, a user is shown using both of their hands to select inputs on an iMac. With their left hand, the user is twisting a virtual knob, while on the right hand, their index finger is being used to press a button.

The system would aid the user with on-screen visual cues, allowing them to more easily manipulate objects on the screen. For example, Apple's system includes a virtual representation of the user's hand displayed on the screen of the iMac."

Considering the appeal of Microsoft's Kinect, which by the way was actually developed by an Israeli firm which first offered it to Apple, is something that I would love to see Apple do, but only if it doesn't infringe upon Microsoft's IP. If it can do it, and especially if it can do it by adding even more functionality to it, then all I will say is: bring it on!

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