Monday, January 2, 2012

Mobile OS's: If WebOS Was Doomed From The Start, Could Windows And Android Be Next?

Gizmodo did a post today which stated that HP officials concluded that its purchase of Palm's WebOS was doomed from the very get go.

Gizmodo's post was itself based on an article from the New York Times, and one of the most interesting facts wasn't just that WebOS was doomed from the get go, but that it was seen as having the best chance of unseating Apple's own iOS!

Not only that, but it was also extremely interesting to note that WebOS itself was based on Apple's own open source creation of WebKit, or, in other words, Palm was planing to beat Apple by using its very own creation, and thus turning WebKIt into a type of Frankenstein monster that would eventually turn on its very creator.

When it comes to WebOS, the New York Times wrote:

"Analysts point to a long list of factors behind the tablet’s quick demise. But some of the people involved in creating the tablet’s core software now say the product barely had a fighting chance.

That software is called WebOS, an operating system built on the same technology used by many Web browsers. It promised to be more flexible and open than Apple’s tightly controlled iOS software, and more beautiful than Google’s sometimes wonky Android system. H.P. acquired Palm, the maker of WebOS, for $1.2 billion in 2010 so it could use the software in products like the TouchPad.

WebOS turned out to be something of a toxic asset. Several former Palm and H.P. employees involved in WebOS say that there was little hope for the software from the beginning, because the way it was built was so deeply flawed."

Brian X. Chen's New York Time piece is a fascinating read, so I highly recommend it, but one of the most interesting conclusions that I got from it wasn't simply that WebOS was more-or-less doomed from the get go, but that it was based on some pretty solid logic that should have made it into the most compelling treat to Apple's iOS platform, but yet it still failed. There were even boasts back in the day that it would virtually kill off the iPhone, and that most, if not all, iPhone users would eventually dump it for the Palm Pre or some other WebOS based device as soon as their iPhone contracts expired!

In conclusion, if WebOS, an OS that many felt was and still is far superior to anything that Windows or Android can offer, and even backed by mighty HP, was doomed from the very beginning to fail, then what chance does Windows, Android or anyone else have against iOS ----- are they also too destined to fail? After all, if the very the best mobile OS, backed by one of the biggest and best companies out there, couldn't make the cut, then who in hell does?

And that's my 2 cents 4 this dark and gloomy Monday, January 02, 2012

HP/WebOS logo via: PCMag

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